Ask the Wild is a project by British artists Feral Practice and Marcus Coates.

Ask the Wild offers fresh perspectives on personal, social, and political issues in human society, by bringing the expert knowledge of the natural history disciplines to bear on everyday human problems and dilemmas.

Ask the Wild understands  knowledge of the natural world and connection to nonhuman nature as vital and enriching to the individual and defining to society. Each Ask the Wild event responds to the ecology and interests of its host organization and its local audiences, working with a resonant landscape type or species group for that place, and bringing local experts onto the panel.

Ask the Wild is fuelled by the questions posed by our live and online audiences – questions that vary from the political and societal to the deeply personal. Seeing our entrenched issues or thorny problems through the unusual eyes (of mating birds, ash saplings, or sea urchins, for example)  opens up unexpected pathways of creative thinking for everyday life.

Feral Practice works with human and nonhuman beings to create art projects and interdisciplinary events that develop ethical and imaginative connection across species boundaries.

Marcus Coates is a performance artist, writer and film maker. His work continually draws parallels to examine how we perceive human-ness through imagined non-human realities.


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