Upcoming events


Tate St Ives, Friday 21 September 7pm

What can we learn from the sea?

Marcus Coates and Fiona MacDonald : Feral Practice bring together a panel of specialists to discuss what the sea can teach us about the human world.

Subverting a Gardeners Question Time format, you will be able to ask the panelists a question about human society. It can be a personal everyday concern, or a broader social, political issue. The panelists will answer audience questions through their specialist knowledge of the sea and marine species, bringing new perspectives to our human concerns.


Dr Clare Embling, lecturer in Marine Ecology at the University of Plymouth, specialist in the ecology and conservation of marine vertebrates, habitat modelling, bioacoustics, and human impacts on marine species.

Poet Susan Richardson, who has been writer in residence for the Marine Conservation Zones, and whose latest collection is entitled Words the Turtle Taught Me.  Richardson is  founding editor of Zoomorphic.



Saturday 15 September 3pm

A walking event in Folkestone curated by Whitstable Biennale and The Ash Project.

The event makes imaginative connections between people and Ash trees, and offers fresh perspectives on issues in human society, by bringing the knowledge of the natural history disciplines to bear on human problems and dilemmas. For this event we will be focusing on knowledge of the Ash tree and its interconnected species, and relation with the wider woodlands.

NB: This event is sold out.