A selection of the questions to and answers from Ask the Wild, acting as a resource of knowledge from beyond the human.

In the Somerset Levels, with Dr Nigel Chaffey and Deon Warner, the question asks if the plants can advise on how to respond positively to the recent rise of extremist views.  [Somerset Art Weeks 2019]

Underneath a large spreading Ash tree in Folkestone, an appropriate question on inheritance and legacy, how to pass things on to the next generation. [The Ash Project & Whitstable Biennale, Sep 2018]

How to cope better with the seemingly interminable, divisive question of Brexit. [Ask the Sea, Tate St Ives, September 2018]

In the Quantock Hills with Dr Alison Smith of Plantlife, from a young questioner: ‘Can the stars light the sky forever?  [Somerset Art Weeks 2019]

‘As a European [living in Britain] how can I remain positive in the current political situation.’ [South London Botanical Institute, May 2017]

A short intro to Ask the Birds, plus the question: ‘Why is it that when we feel depressed, time slows down, and when we are happy it speeds up?’ [Whitechapel Gallery, February 2018]

A question about what strategies apes might  be able to teach humans around coping with bereavement or loss. [Turner Contemporary 2018]